5.10.15: Chappy Rago

May 10, 2015

It's been like five months. We know you didn't miss this, but we have a compelling reason for you to care this time: special guest Chappy Rago LIVE from Iraq! Chappy joins us through the transatlantic miracle of Skype to discuss: Burning Man, nose rings, his work in the middle east, and Brad's life choices.


1.18.15: Griff Ryan-Roberts & Friends

January 18, 2015

Griff joins Rod and Brad IN STUDIO for a special edition of the podcast. Other guests include Lia, Allen's voicemail, and Quirk's voicemail. What has the fallout from the Oregon/Ohio State game been? What happened with that late night text thread? Why is Griff visiting Brad in Portland? Which corps members had skin diseases? The answers to these questions and more on this episode of Put it on the Podcast: The After Party. 


1.11.15: Ohio State vs. Oregon

January 11, 2015

You knew you were't going to get away without a Brad/Rod podcast when the Buckeyes and Ducks got slated to play in the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship. Guests Julian and Griff join to breakdown Monday's matchup and talk trash. 


9.27.14: Jayme and John’s Wedding

September 30, 2014

Tune in for the long awaited return of the podcast that you forgot existed and still never asked for. Brad and Rod bring things back for the greatest event in Post-AmeriCorps history, the epic wedding of John and Jayme in beautiful St Louis. Was Julian barred from entering a casino? Did Caleb expose himself in a residential area? Will Lia greet Brad with something besides "I hate you?" Who showed up? Who didn't? Can Bradley and John still bang now that one of them is married? You will have to listen to this special edition of The After Party to find out...


3.31.14: Heather Waters

April 30, 2014

A much delayed episode debuts as Heather Waters joins Brad and Rod to discuss the TL Reunion Committee (newly formed), the pros and cons of Pittsburgh, and how being a TL adversely affects one's lifespan. 


3.10.14: Jen Horan!

March 12, 2014

On this very special edition of the podcast, Rod and Brad call up legendary Raven Unit Leader Jennifer Horan on the eve of her departure from NCCC. Tune in to hear behind the scenes stories about life at B15, greatest hits of Class 17, rumors of a formal retirement of the Raven Unit, and the trials and tribulations of Rod's morbidly obese 27 pound cat, The Dude. 


JJ Beggs: 2.20.14

February 24, 2014

Brad and Rod talk about the Portland snow storm and the Olympics, then call up Moose 6 TL JJ Beggs to catch up on life and play another exciting game of Leave a Threatening Message on Slavics' Voicemail, but once again...he picks up. 


Killing Season: 12.19.13

December 27, 2013

In the absence of a TL guest, Brad and Rod spend the episode discussing the worst movie of 2013 "Killing Season." Throwing history, biology, linguistics, and common decency aside, "Killing Season" tells the story of two men (John Travolta and Robert DeNiro) who chase each other through the woods for 90 minutes trying to resolve past wars through the use of terrible accents, bows, sex jokes, and stupidity. Catch the movie for free on Netflix or YouTube to prep for the podcast, or just listen to it straight up anyway. 


FLASHBACK: The BRodcast: 7.26.2011

December 3, 2013

This is where it all began: the very first episode of "The BRodcast" recorded back during Class XVII! Special guests include: Julian Cesner, Laura Mack, Chris Quirk, and Rachel Duffin. Brad and Rod also touch on important issues like SWASS, the STL grocery list, sports, and Oregon Trail. 


Griff Ryan-Roberts: 11.26.13

November 29, 2013

Brad and Rod kick off the podcast with a discussion about Thankskilling, Chris being a nerd now, and whether or not Sara Conner looks like the singer Lorde. Then, Dr Chill himself gets on the line to talk sports, settle a bet with Brad, and announce some exciting career news.